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Ryan Shah

Ryan Shah is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of the McGill Left Review. He is a third year student of political science and international development studies with a passion for social justice, critical history and developing alternative, inclusive modes of governance.



Published: 2017-09-26
Editor-in-Chief Ryan Shah interviews Professor Kelly Gordon about her recently published book "The Changing Voice of the Anti-Abortion Movement."
Published: 2017-06-20
Editors-in-Chief Ryan Shah and Sam Hull interview Political Science Professor William Clare Roberts to discuss his recent book, the contemporary capitalist crisis and the lessons contemporary scholars should take from Marx’s work. ,
Published: 2017-03-09
Praxis: four pieces examining praxis relevant to the university context, which we hope will prove relatable for our readership. Together these works demonstrate that the key to achieving change is an organized, determined response that has enough conceptual basis to remain steadfast in the face of opposition.
Published: 2017-01-29
Recent gains by right-wing populists must serve as the impetus for a cohesive response from a renewed left.

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