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Alex Gold-Apel

Alex is a web editor for the McGill Left Review. He is a U3 Arts Student doing a Double Major in Political Science and Urban Systems. Born in Montreal, he serves as the VP Communications for the New Democratic Youth of Canada and is involved in other progressive initiatives, focusing primarily on environmental protection, Aboriginal rights and the promotion of diversity.

Web Editor


Published: 2017-09-28
Alex Gold-Apel explores the rise of the politically engaged athlete, and points to their value in bringing attention and providing momentum to social movements.
Published: 2017-03-24
The Canadian government's failure to adapt the UN Draft Resolution on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples exemplifies Canada's failure to transcend its exploitative history.
Published: 2017-03-10
Alex Gold-Apel on why recent events at McGill underscore the insufficiency of male actions against sexual violence.

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