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Ryanne Lau

Ryanne is staff writer for the McGill Left Review. She is a U1 student doing a double major in English Literature and Political Science. She was born and raised in Montreal and her interest is in speaking out against racism, sexism and emphasizing the importance of equality.

Staff Writer


Published: 2017-11-20
Opinion writer Ryanne Lau explores how the adoption of Bill 62 serves as an expression of Québec nationalism, based on a distinct French and Catholic cultural identity. The promotion of a sole and unique national identity fosters discrimination against minority groups that do not conform.
Published: 2017-10-12
Opinion Writer Ryanne Lau looks at the impact of Jagmeet Singh's victory on the NDP and argues that while Singh's policy proposals may not be as principled progressive as the other candidates, he provides the party with a great chance to broaden its base and challenge Justin Trudeau in 2019.
Published: 2017-03-22
Ryanne Lau on why emphasizing male ally voices in the feminist movement does little more than reproduce patriarchy.
Published: 2017-03-09
Ryanne Lau on the power of social media to empower those who are excluded from traditional political engagement.
Published: 2017-02-15
Kevin O'Leary's unbridled capitalism poses a great danger to lower class Canadians.
Published: 2017-02-07
Donald Trump's recent Muslim travel ban can and must be the impetus for unified, defiant solidarity among people of colour.

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