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Ryan Shah is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of the McGill Left Review. He is a third year student of political science and international development studies with a passion for social justice, critical history and developing alternative, inclusive modes of governance.

Sam Hull is a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of the McGill Left Review. He is a third year student studying economics and history, and is dedicated to discovering opportunities for systemic economic reform in order to find potential sustainable and egalitarian futures. 

Copy Editor

Jason, a copy editor for the McGill Left Review, is a third-year student in honours political science, also studying international development and East Asian studies. Hailing from outside Boston, he's passionate about constitutionalism, democratic studies, and political activism.

Marina is a copy editor for the McGill Left Review's academic journal. She is a third year Islamic Studies student, minoring in Russian Culture and Political Science. She is currently a News Editor at The McGill Daily, and would love to pursue a career in alternative journalism.

Thomas is a copy editor for the McGill Left Review's academic journal. He is a third year English lit. major with a double minor in German and art history. Originally from Boston, his experience in grassroots activism, state and local government have instilled in him a deep commitment to social and economic justice.

Web Editor

Alex is a web editor for the McGill Left Review. He is a U3 Arts Student doing a Double Major in Political Science and Urban Systems. Born in Montreal, he serves as the VP Communications for the New Democratic Youth of Canada and is involved in other progressive initiatives, focusing primarily on environmental protection, Aboriginal rights and the promotion of diversity.

Kia Kouyoumjian is a web editor for the McGill Left Review's online blog. She is a third year political science and economics major, with a focus on IPE and IR. Born and raised in the US! After growing up with political debates over dinner, she's finally found an output for all her opinions.

Ruofan Cui is the arts & culture editor with the McGill Left Review. He is a U4 student in the political science and history departments whose interest is in the construction and manifestation of collective narrative. To that effect, he focuses in historiography, film and media studies, and their relationship to the creation of ideologies.


Amanda Hills is a U2 student in Honours Political Science with a minor in Philosophy.

Garima is a second year student in political science, history, and gender studies. She loves politics, but what she loves even more is critiquing this discipline from a progressive, feminist perspective.

Michaela is the McGill Left Review's marketing director. She is an Arts student in the U0 program looking forward to studying History and Russian Literature. She grew up in Windsor, Ontario, where she developed an interest in labour rights and economic justice.

Staff Writer

Annaka is a staff writer for the McGill Left Review. She is a third year English literature major with with a minor in Spanish language, specializing in Latin American culture. Hailing from the east coast of Canada, Annaka has always been passionate about social and political justice, with particular emphasis on the bodily autonomy of people of all genders and races.

Ryanne is staff writer for the McGill Left Review. She is a U1 student doing a double major in English Literature and Political Science. She was born and raised in Montreal and her interest is in speaking out against racism, sexism and emphasizing the importance of equality.

Shahriar, a web staff writer for the McGill Left Review, is a third year student majoring chemistry with a minor in political science. He was born in Iran and did his high school in Switzerland. He hopes to pursue a career in politics focusing on developing coutries and international relations.

Zipporah Wharwood is a staff writer for the McGill Left Review. She is a third year Industrial Relations major doing a minor in Gender, Sexuality, Feminist, and Social Justice studies. Born and raised in Montreal, she's passionate about equal opportunity and rights for all.

Managing Editor

Tristan Hughes is the McGill Left Review's managing editor. He is a fourth year philosophy and history student from Vancouver, who likes to talk radical politics, bathe, and sip pinot while discussing the ways in which existence precedes essence.

About the MLR

The McGill Left Review exists to offer a forum for discussions and critiques of the broadly defined left - its past and its future, as understood by students of McGill University in Montreal. Learn more about our mission and goals.

Writing for MLR

We invite contributions and suggestions from all members of the McGill community. If you're interested in writing for the MLR, or in becoming involved in the site and the community growing around it, you can get in touch via our contact page or email at mcgill.leftreview [at] gmail [dot] com.

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